Jyotti - About Hazel Bell

About Hazel

Hazel Bell has always been a highly intuitive and compassionate individual with a passion for helping others.  Her path of self-transformation really took off when she started to practice yoga daily and became a rawfoodist.  As she transformed on the inside, the world around her changed too.  Shortly thereafter Hazel got into Rieki and Vipassana Meditation.  After the birth of her daughter Nova, Hazel went to an advanced Bodytalk session with a talented practitioner.  She came home with a new direction in life, to become a self-employed healer; the practitioner gave her a list of classes to help her achieve that goal.  The list included Quantum-Touch and the Akashic Records.  She took her training for these in Calgary and travelled to India for a one month Moksha Yoga teaching Intensive.  Today she loves mixing her talents to help you shine your inner light. 


Deep inside each and every one of us is a bright light that shines eternal.  At different times you can feel this light easily in a person’s presence, it shines strong and bright.  In many of us you have to look a bit deeper to see it but it is there.  Life isn’t always easy or kind and as such we pick up dark patches here and there in our being that can block our light from shining.  Fortunately there are many different ways to resolve these.  At Jyotii Healing it is my intension to employ methods to help you shine your inner light. 

Training and Education

University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Human Ecology, 2003

The Body Talk Centre, Calgary Alberta, Reiki First and Second Degree in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition with teacher Norma Isaac 2007. 

Viapassana Meditation, Meritt BC, 10 day silent retreat 2007. 

Moksha Yoga, 11 month Teacher Training Program consisting of over 500 hours of study in the yoga tradition.  Completed June 6, 2009

Journey to the Heart, Calgary Alberta, Akashic Records Level One March 2010; Level two August 2010 with teacher Ernesto Ortiz. 

Quantum Touch, 12 hour Video Workshop March 23, 2010; 12 Hour Live Basic course 2010 with teacher Dorothy Bishop.