Jyotti - Quantum Healing, Akashic Records and Moksha Yoga

Services Overview

I am overjoyed to be of service and look forward to our sacread time together.   Contact me to make an appointment or if you have any questions.  Namaste. 

Akashic Records

To begin our time together I will use your full legal name in my sacred prayer to open your Akashic Records for you.  You are free to ask any questions you have or bring up any topics you need assistance with.  I will answer you with the information I receive.  The Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of everything that has ever happened to each and every soul in existence.  Every soul has a record in the Akashic Records.  In your Records you may examine your past, reflect on the present and explore infinite future possibilities.  The information received in a consultation comes from your heart’s desires and the Ascended Master’s, Teachers, and Loved One’s of you.  Issues I have helped people with include releasing unresolved emotional issues, hauntings, gaining clearity on all kinds of issues, receiving key information, injuries new and old, behavioural problems, addictions, body pain, contacting deceased loved ones, and making sure deceased loved ones are in peace.   

  • $120 for a full session up to 1.5 hours.  via Telephone, Online Chat, Email, or Inperson

 Preparation:  No intoxicants 24 hours before our session. Prescription drugs are ok.  Take time to write down all of your questions and have them ready with you for the session.  Meditate or have calm quiet time before our session so that you are centered and present.  it is a good idea to record our session on your phone or take notes so you can go over important points later. 

Energy Medicine -Reiki/Quantum Touch in the Akashic Records

I can meet with you in my home healing space, long distance healing is available too if you are far away.  With the healing energy I work from head to toe through the chakras of your body.  If you have a specific place you would like the energy directed please let me know and I'll spend extra time there.  We may talk or be silent, usually with eyes closed; this is a time of deep healing and relaxation.  I believe in delivering a unique session tailored to your needs, therefore no session is ever the same.  Chronic pain, tension, relationship problems, arthritis, energy blocks, old injuries, emotional baggage, past life traumas are just some of the ailments I have aided my clients to overcome.  Some ailments may only need one session, and some things may need more.  It depends on many factors including how ready you are to heal, your personal healing process, the age of the problem, your general health and nutrition etc.  I have found healing to be a very individual process that cannot always be predicted.  I am open to working with animals and children as well.   

  • $120 for a full body session.  .

Preparation:  Do your best to be calm and ready to receive healing energy.  Set an intention for the session if possible such as “I let go of the past” or “I embrace love” or “I am whole”.  While in the session relax, breath deep slow breathes.  Feel your body and let things flow.   After our session you may want someone to pick you up and drive you home.  Drink water and have a small snack to feel grounded and nourished.  Take some time to reflect and possibly journal.  Don’t plan anything too demanding for the rest of the day. . .   It usually takes up to 3 days for your body to fully integrate the new energy. 

Moksha Yoga 

Moksha Yoga is a set of 40 posses or asana performed one after the other in a span of 1hour and 15minutes.  It is a great sequence for all skill levels and abilities.  If you have any special needs or injuries please let me know and we can work with them.  The first half of the class is a standing series ending with the floors series.  As a Moksha instructor I am allowed some flexibility and often tailor the series to meet your needs.  Sometimes we will not fit in all 40 asana and often I will sneak in bonus asana from other types of yoga.  This yoga promises to be fun and refreshing.   

  • Individual - $60 for one private class
  • Two to six people - private group - $90 per group
  • Six or more people is $15 per person


Wear comfy clothing that moves with you, natural fibres if possible.  Put your hair back so it doesn’t distract you and get in your eyes.  Don’t eat a meal more than 3 hours before class.  It is ok to have a light snack such as fruit before class if you wish.  Bring a water bottle, mat and towel into class.  Do arrive early to change your clothes, arrange your mat and get settled.  You can take Savasana or any other resting pose before class starts.  Try not to leave or interrupt class, if you have to please do so in such a manner as not to disrupt others and tell me where you are going.  And lastly enjoy, knowing that you are doing something positive for your soul, mind and body.